Coinbase Launches Base on Optimism Stack: OP Token Spikes 16%!

• Coinbase announced the launch of its L2 platform on Optimism stack, causing Optimism token (OP) to surge 16%.
• OP reached highs of $3.10 on Coinbase, just below its all-time high of $3.19.
• Base Protocol saw a staggering 250% spike in price as a result of the news.

Coinbase Launches Base Platform on Optimism Stack

Coinbase has announced that it has launched Base, an Ethereum Layer-2 network based on Optimism’s OP stack. The project is designed to onboard new users into the crypto space and offer a secure, low-cost and developer-friendly platform for interacting with decentralized apps.

Optimism Token Reacts Positively to News

As reaction to Coinbase news pushed OP token higher, sentiment in the OP community flipped bullish and the price of Optimism surged 16% on most major exchanges including Coinbase where it reached highs of $3.10 just below its all-time high of $3.19. Trading volume rose nearly 90% in the past 24 hours reaching over $733 million and RSI upturning suggesting bulls are in control.

Base Protocol Spikes After Announcement

An unrelated cryptocurrency called Base Protocol saw an even bigger spike amid speculation with its price surging more than 250%. The project’s goal is to bring about 1 billion or more people into the crypto space by providing them with a secure and low cost platform for their transactions and interactions with DApps.

Price Predictions for Optimism Token

With positive technical outlook in place, experts believe that Optimism could go on to hit a new ATH soon if market activity remains strong as it did after the news broke out about Coinbase launching base on OP stack.


The launch of Base by Coinbase was great news for both Optimism token (OP) holders as well as users who will benefit from the secure low cost platform provided by Base protocol which was developed using OP stack technology from Optimism.